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The scope of use of blister packing machine

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The scope of use of blister packing machine

1, the use of new domestic high-power transmission mechanism, driven by the chain drive shaft, avoid the error and noise of other gear transmission.

2, The electrical appliance adopts the imported control system, can be configured according to customer requirements, the lack of material leakage and lack of grain detection and elimination device (Omron sensor). Adopt imported frequency conversion governor.

3, The whole machine adopts segmented combination: PVC forming, feeding, hot sealing for a section, tropical aluminum cold forming, hot sealing, punching for a section can be separated packaging.

4, The use of photoelectric control system, PC, PTP, tropical aluminum packaging automatic feeding, automatic waste side receiving device, to ensure the long distance and multi-station synchronous stability.

5, can be equipped with photoelectric detection and correction device, with imported stepping motor traction, image and text plate printing packaging, optimize the grade of packaging.

6,This machine is suitable for capsule, plain tablet, sugar coating, capsule, injection, special-shaped, and medical equipment, lightweight food, electronic components bubble cap sealing packaging.


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