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The stamping of sheet pressing machine

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The stamping of sheet pressing machine

Compared with wet granulation, direct crushing technology also has the advantage of avoiding the influence of humidity and heat. In practical application, some drugs with unstable chemical properties, such as esters, starch, hydroxyl, phenols, vitamin C and vitamin E, are easy to be hydrolyzed. During wet granulation, many drugs that are unstable under the action of light and heat may undergo hydrolysis reactions, or may be destroyed by heat during particle drying, or may be due to complex processes that lead to the photosynthetic breakdown of the drug. In order to solve these problems, direct stamping process can be considered. Due to the simple process of direct powder pressing, no need for granulation and drying, it can effectively protect the stability of major drugs and avoid various unstable factors caused by wet granulation, thus ensuring the quality of products.

Some of the drugs produced have a low melting point, after the drying of the particles due to the heat melting of the main drugs, when the particles dry, affect the production; Ephedrine hydrochloride and diphenhydramine hydrochloride granules prepared with p-acetate have low content of crystallization and are not easy to be dried. These problems can be solved by pressing powder directly.

In addition, some medicines have more viscous contact with water, are not easy to teflon or moist, and should not be exposed to air for a long time. For example, most herbal extracts can be pressed with powder using direct tablet technology to avoid the disadvantages of viscosity and moisture in order to obtain qualified tablets.


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