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The tablet press runs by punching

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The tablet press runs by punching

The method to reduce dust during up-punching operation and tablet pressing:

(1) increase the auxiliary mechanism can adjust the depth of the upper punch into the middle die hole, reduce the "powder" when pressing.

(2) a single layer of suction dust suction nozzle is changed to be able to suck on the stamping sheet when "powder", after the feeder scraping powder on the surface of the turntable fine dust double suction nozzle.

(3) a cover is added at the upper mouth of the piece discharge groove or a dust suction port is added on the cover to be connected with the powder suction nozzle to prevent the diffusion of dust during the top piece and the piece discharge.

(4) a cover plate is added on the feeder. 1) This method is not used in the forced feeder, but the feeding port of the hopper and the powder inlet of the forced feeder are connected with a soft connection to seal the feeding port of the hopper to the inlet pipeline of the forced feeder; 2) The natural feeding grid feeder is equipped with a plexiglass cover plate to prevent the dust caused by collision with particles during the operation of the upper punch. At the same time, the downthrust and downthrust rail is configured according to different filling depths to reduce the overflow of particles in the quantitative process.

(5) adjust the turntable punching rod hole, middle die hole processing technology, improve the surface roughness of the inner hole and aperture roundness level, reduce the gap between the punching rod head and the middle die hole, reduce "powder", "powder leakage".

(6) Add a dust removal interface on the top of the tablet pressing room to further purify and reduce the dust in the tablet pressing room.


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