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The tablet problem of the tablet press

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The tablet problem of the tablet press

It is very common for pills to have black spots and other colored spots. According to the specific situation, the choice of pills is certain. So how can we find out the reason? If it's a black spot, it could be a carbonized raw material, or it could be a loose handle on the ring. If the color is different, then it is necessary to check the different parts of the tablet press, rule out different possibilities.

Missing edge is also a common problem in tablets. It is mainly caused by the collision of the tablet's sieving machine or jinjian machine, but it may also be damaged by the punch.

Lobes generally need to adjust the pressure of the press, speed, etc., generally can pass, if there is no need to pour, to see whether the funnel is blocked.

For loose pieces, also want to adjust the pre - pressure, rotation of the main pressure, and then may be the cause of the particles, such as the particles are too dry, humidity is too small, viscidity is not enough.

Indentation, indentation generally has three problems, one is the indentation of the indentation machine nail is not clean, resulting in the material stuck above. These particles are very viscous and allow them to adhere to the punch. The main press is too large and the material sticks to it.

The weight difference is too large, usually because the particle flow is not smooth, or because the feed channel is a little blocked, resulting in uneven feeding.


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