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The tablet quality of the tablet press

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The tablet quality of the tablet press

In addition to particle quality, production environment and operator proficiency, tablet quality is closely related to the state of the machine. Therefore, it is important to keep the machine in good working condition. The following provisions shall be observed:

Before starting the operation, the staff shall ensure good lubrication according to the lubrication mark, lubrication position and oil amount specified in the lubrication chart and the fuselage manual.

Strictly implement SOP operation of equipment.

After the end of the daily work, wipe the powder remaining in each part of the machine clean and clean the machine carefully.

When the mold is disassembled or installed, be careful not to impact the mold to avoid defects.

Regular inspection of worm, worm and other components, found defects timely repair or replacement.

Computer controlled tablet presses should be shut down in strict accordance with the shutdown procedure to avoid damage to system files and take strict measures to prevent virus infection.

Computer controlled tablet press should backup system files and production technical parameters.


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