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The use of a single stamping machine

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The use of a single stamping machine

Single punch press can press powder and granular raw materials into tablets, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, hospital, laboratory tests and other fields.

The following points should be paid attention to when using a single stamping machine:

Before the first use, you should carefully read the instructions against the actual machine before use.

The machine can only run in a certain direction and cannot be reversed to avoid damaging the parts. In particular, don't ignore stress regulation.

Belt tightening adjustment: It can be adjusted by two adjusting nuts on the electromechanical base plate and pay attention to locking.

When there is no power supply, the triangular belt should be removed to reduce resistance and wear. But don't take the big pulley off, because the big pulley has the function of flywheel labor.

The handle on the big handwheel should be lowered to avoid damage.

No matter manual or voltage, put the overcharge mandrel in the rising position before starting. If the impact is at the beginning of the descent position, then at the beginning of entering the middle of the mold, the machine speed does not rise and the inertia is very small, so it is easy to eject the car. When the upper punch enters the middle die, the machine parts are often damaged or the motor is burned out due to the heavy load.


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