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The use of blister packaging materials

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The use of blister packaging materials

Drug packaging is a very special commodity packaging in the field of packaging. First of all, it should have all kinds of excellent packaging performance; Secondly, it must have the function of maintaining drug efficacy. Using aluminum foil as drug packaging, has the advantages of beautiful, light, gas resistance, light resistance, so that it becomes a star in drug packaging materials. With the improvement of people's awareness of health care, aluminum foil has penetrated into everyone's life, for human health and shoulder a significant packaging mission.

For aluminum foil drug packaging, quality is largely reflected in the heat sealing strength of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the factors affecting the heat seal strength of aluminum foil drug packaging, which is very necessary to improve the quality of products.

The adhesive layer of aluminum foil drug packaging (also known as VC layer) has good thermal adhesion, and can be heat sealed with PVC film under heating conditions (the size of the adhesive force is the strength of heat sealing, according to the provisions of GB12255-90 should be more than 5.88N/15mm). The product can be completely sealed in the treated PVC film bubble cover. This adhesive force is not affected by temperature and humidity in the long-term storage process, so it can keep the drug effect well and is easy to carry.


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