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The use of capsule filling machine

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The use of capsule filling machine

1. Press the green button on the "power switch" and the power will start

2. Adjust the "Strong and weak adjustment button" and rotate clockwise. At the moment, the processing plate, which holds the "vibratory struts" together, begins to vibrate, and the touch of the hand on the processing plate is adjusted to feel the specific intensity of the oscillation.

3. Package the capsules in powder form. The capsules are put into "powder cartridges", each containing about 300 particles. Place the capsule LIDS into the "finished capsule LIDS," each containing about 300 capsules. It is made of plexiglass with a large round funnel on the glass and a small funnel hole at the bottom, the diameter of which is the same as that of the capsule.

4.After about 30 seconds, after filling the capsule and closing the lid, land in a round hole and open and open again. If someone opens the bottom, lift the capsule by gently pressing on the lid.

5. Horizontal to the powder capsule (design can be randomly assigned to the end, marked with circular hole relation), the bottom of the metal plate is also trapped in a small container, which can be used to solve while round a disc, the disc completed, and then arrested the contact plate. In the same way, use the lid to lift the capsule.

6. A powder tray, base 500×500mm2, approx. 10mm on each side, containing powder. Once again, the diffused platinum frame is placed on a powdery plate, a small amount of the powdery edge is rubbed out, and the additional powder is filled in.

7. Funnel-shaped roper holes at the top and bottom are placed on metal plates containing time capsules, medication capsules, dust, wires and medication plates. The excessive ointment was placed in the capsule. Open your mouth. Reverse fixing valve, vessel to hold burner level, using one square inch [500 x 500 mm] baseline oscillation, fixed in a specific container for use in the cavity of the capsule forming plate.


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