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The use of stretch film packing machine

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The use of stretch film packing machine

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the pressure of the compressed air reaches the request (above 0.6bar), and check whether the primary parts are intact, such as heating belt, scissors, car parts, etc. Check whether there are other people around the machine together to ensure the safety after boot.

2. Open the CIP cleaning system to clean the feeding system and metering machine before delivery, so as to ensure the hygiene of goods.

3. Close the air switch of the main power supply, turn on the power supply to start the machine, set and check the temperature of the temperature controller, put on the film, adjust the color standard, put on the coding ribbon, and determine whether the coding date and the relevant characters are consistent with the products produced on that day.

4. First adjust the bag-making and check the coding function, open the feeding system together, when the material arrives at the request, open the bag-making mechanism bag first, check the vacuum degree and thermal sealing quality of the vacuum extraction of the true empty box together, that is, after the bag-making arrives at the request, start filling the material and produce.

5. In the process of production, check the quality of the goods at any time, such as the basic requirements of the goods such as the mouth containing vegetable silk, vacuum degree, thermal closing line, wrinkle, weight are not qualified, and adjust them at any time if in doubt.

6. Operators are not allowed to adjust some operating parameters of the machine, such as running times, server and frequency conversion parameters. If it is necessary to adjust, it is necessary to state the section leader, and the relevant repair personnel or technical personnel will adjust it together. In production, according to the actual situation, the operator can adjust the temperature of each temperature controller and part of the phase Angle parameters properly, but it is necessary to tell the group leader and section leader first, to ensure that all the parameters of the equipment operation in the production process are controlled, to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, to ensure the normal production and product quality.

7, such as the production, the equipment is in doubt or the quality of the goods is not qualified, should be shut down, processing doubt. It is forbidden to deal with questions in the operation of the machine to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. If they can not handle or a big doubt, immediately tell the leader by the repair personnel to deal with together, together with the "repair, no boot" safety warning board. It is necessary for operators to deal with questions together with repair personnel, to solve questions at a faster time and restore production.


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