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The use of stretch film vacuum packing machine

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The use of stretch film vacuum packing machine

Recently, continuous vacuum packaging machine has gradually entered our packaging field of vision. Because of its high degree of automation, it can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises, and people begin to use this equipment in large numbers. The equipment is famous for its high efficiency, fast and high output, and began to occupy a place in the packaging market. However, customers in a large number of use at the same time, but also to pay more attention to the operation of continuous vacuum packaging machine need to pay attention to matters, in order to prevent illegal operation.

1. When the continuous vacuum sealing machine works continuously, or the vacuum pump works continuously for more than half an hour, the operator needs to connect the cooling water source to ensure the quality of the vacuum sealing and the safe operation of the equipment.

2. When the equipment is stopped, the vacuum pump should be turned off first. When the vacuum chamber is in the open state, the main power supply should be turned off.

3. In order to ensure the sealing quality, adjust the heating time so that the vacuum degree should be greater than 0.0533MPa before the heat sealing, otherwise the sealing quality is difficult to guarantee, and it will cause the heating plate is not in place due to insufficient pressure, causing the electric heating element to burn out.

4. The working room should be kept clean, especially the hot sealing plane and silicone strip plane on the heating plate for sealing. No foreign matter shall be adhered to, so as not to affect the sealing quality and shorten the service life.

5. pay attention to the safety of electricity, do not live maintenance, non-professionals do not disassemble.

6. In addition to the winding machine, the packaging machine is manufactured by the whole machine. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to put the packaging machine upside down and impact or impact, especially the electrical components such as instruments and switches, during the process of work or handling.

7. At the same time, pay attention to the correct cleaning of the vacuum machine, and be sure to strictly follow the instructions.


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