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The use of tablet press

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The use of tablet press

1. Before use, it is necessary to repeatedly check the die quality of the tablet press for lack of edges, cracks, deformation, insufficient compaction, etc., and check whether the equipment is complete and operates normally.

2. Check whether the dust in the granule raw materials is dry and whether the dust content in the granule does not exceed 10%. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation and service life of the tablet press, and affect the loss of raw materials.

3. the first machine is a dish of pressure regulator control instruction to 6, pour the powder into the feeder, test wheel, hand and drug regulation at the same time, inflation pressure to increase the weight, hard and soft finished product, and then start the engine, open the clutch and the formal production operations, in the process of production, should check the quality of drugs, if not qualified, need to make the necessary adjustments.

4. The choice of speed directly affects the service life of the machine according to the nature of the raw material, due to the viscosity and pressure can not be uniformly specified. The structure of the tablet press is suitable for minerals at low speed and for viscous particulate matter at high speed.

5. Operators should be familiar with the technical features, internal structure and working principle of the control mechanism of the tablet press. They should not leave the workplace to avoid damaging parts and ensure safe production.

6. When using the tablet press, pay attention to the noise of the machine at all times. If there are strange screams and sounds, check and eliminate them and do not force them to use.


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