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The use of the tablet press

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The use of the tablet press

Before the use of the die must be strictly checked, there can be no cracks, missing edges and hair and other phenomena, such as forced use will bring damage to the machine.

Die life is generally based on one million times of tablet design, when the extended use of the damage rate will be greatly increased, such as rupture will damage the feeder or other parts of the accident.

Feeder and turntable work surface must maintain a certain gap, that is, 0.05-0.1 mm. The clearance is too large to cause powder leakage, too small will make the feeder and the rotary table friction, resulting in metal powder mixed into the powder, so that the pressed out of the tablet does not meet the quality requirements, become scrap.

The vacuum cleaner must be shaken several times per shift, and its powder storage hopper must be cleaned in time to prevent blockage of airflow channels.

If automatic stop is found, immediately turn off the power for careful inspection. It may be that the working pressure on the site has exceeded the set working pressure.

Not dry and high sugar content of the particles should not be pressed, so as to avoid the production of the machine can not be normal.

Speed selection has a direct impact on the service life of the machine, because of the nature of raw materials, viscosity, sheet diameter and pressure size and other differences, in use can not be uniform regulations, therefore, the user must be based on the actual situation. Generally speaking, the tablet speed of large diameter, high pressure and difficult to form particles should be lower, and the speed can be higher on the contrary.


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