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The use of vacuum pump for blister packing machine

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The use of vacuum pump for blister packing machine

Start: the vacuum pump can be started after the oil level is determined. The vacuum pump must be rotated backward after the first starting and each wiring change.

Operation: before normal work, the inlet pipe valve should be closed to make the pump operate for more than 15 minutes under the limit pressure state, so that the water vapor in the gas can be effectively extracted. The motor should not be started frequently (less than 6 times/hour). (Note: When the pump is running normally, the surface temperature of the oil separator, pump body and pump cover will exceed 70℃. Do not touch with your hands. The pump cannot be refueled while it is running.

Limiting pressure measurement; The ultimate pressure should be measured directly at the suction port of the pump with a compression vacuum gauge. Pump once used, long term use after use, new oil should be closed after at least 1 hour of operation, so that the pump to reach the working temperature and pump oil fully degassing after the measurement of pressure.

Vacuum pump oil: The vacuum pump oil shall be used in accordance with the vacuum pump oil specified in SHO528-92. Use ISO-VG100 vacuum pump oil at ambient temperature from 10 ° C to 40 ° C. Vacuum pump oil with ISO-VG32 viscosity grade is used at ambient temperature from 0℃ to 10℃. Vacuum pump operation must ensure that the oil level in the oil window height of 14-3/4. The oil level and oil contamination should be checked regularly. If the oil level is too low, stop the pump and add the vacuum pump oil to 3/4 of the oil window. The pump will change oil after 150 hours of operation. After working 500 hours full oil change. Change the oil at the same time, should replace the filter. If the oil is polluted and blackened, emulsified or thickened, the oil should be changed in time. And clean the pump before adding new oil.


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