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The vacuuming device of the tablet press

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The vacuuming device of the tablet press

Rotary tablet press has become the main equipment for tablet production. Due to its high yield, stable quality and large production capacity, it has been widely used by pharmaceutical enterprises. According to GMP requirement, rotary tablet press should have vacuum device.

The main working process of rotary tablet press is divided into three continuous processes: filling, pressing and extraction. During the production process, the powder is easy to fall on the middle punching plate due to the feeding device or the feeding itself. At the same time, it is usually equipped with external vacuum cleaners, mechanical precipitators, wet precipitators, electrostatic precipitators, filter purification precipitators, etc., but the common mechanical precipitators, whose main structure is to suck the vortex through the pump, the vortex pump impeller has dozens of blades. Spiral pump impeller rotating blade in mid-air is the effect of centrifugal induction towards the blade edge movement, centrifugal impeller and pump cavity edge, special shape and role due to centrifugal force and air chamber air circulation movement. Due to the uniform acceleration of the air, the flow produced by the rotation of the impeller deviated from the direction in the spiral motion. The filtered air is discharged indoors through the filter belt, producing slight dust in the household environment. If the running time is long, the engine heats up during flight and the pump is prone to clogging. At the same time, most manufacturers of powder container sealing is not good, vacuum cleaner suction effect will be very poor. The other is a built-in vacuum cleaner. The energy is driven by the main motor and the inhaler is connected to the powder suction nozzle. The vacuum suction air on the top of the press chamber is filtered by a cyclone separation device and a filter, and the air in the internal space of the suction pipe seat is compressed, thus forming a rotating motor of the dust removal system. The cyclone separator has the advantages of simple structure, small floor area, convenient operation and maintenance, small pressure loss and low energy consumption. It is suitable for the use of high temperature, high pressure and corrosive gases. Even during long working hours, the engine's temperature rise is very low and does not reduce the effect of suction.

Through the comparison of the above vacuuming devices, I personally think the integrated built-in vacuuming is a good choice to achieve good vacuuming effect. It is an important means to ensure the quality of the product that the engineer detects the tablet press automatically. Some presses can realize the average prepressure, the main pressure, the average pressure, the single die pressure, the packing depth and the prepressure on the punching die depth, the thickness, the turntable speed and so on suitable on-line inspection, carries on the on-line automatic inspection to each process of the machine operation. Using PAT process analysis technology, several key parameters in production can be timely measured, timely adjustment and correction of deviation, and ultimately ensure the quality of products.


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