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Thermite blister packaging advantages

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Thermite blister packaging advantages

Compared with the traditional blister packaging of "aluminum-plastic plate + aluminum-plastic sealing bag", the packaging of "aluminum-plastic plate + tropical blister aluminum" has more outstanding advantages.

1. Barrier performance

The water vapor transmittance, oxygen transmittance and pinhole (that is, the small hole on the surface of bubble cover that can transmit light) were tested for traditional and tropical aluminum bubble cover packaging. Tests show that tropical aluminum blister packaging can completely isolate water vapor, oxygen and light until the contents are removed, while traditional blister packaging is difficult to achieve.

2. The reliability

Due to the pinhole problem of aluminum foil itself, the aluminum foil at the hot sealing position is easy to be broken, which is the inherent characteristic of aluminum foil composite film. If the traditional blister package of aluminum plastic sealing bag on the flashlight, and then in the dark environment to open the flashlight, at this time you can clearly see the aluminum plastic sealing bag creases and heat sealing position there are many light leakage, and even the surface of the sealing bag has light leakage. Even the use of high-precision production equipment can only slow down the leakage problem, not completely avoid it.

3. Cost

Although the cost of the same size tropical aluminum bubble cover packaging and traditional bubble cover packaging is roughly the same, but the appearance of tropical aluminum bubble cover packaging is more noble, higher grade. To reduce costs, tropical aluminum blister packaging can be used in a compact design, which can save a considerable amount of money.

4. Sales

Tropical aluminum blister packaging also has many advantages in commodity sales links.


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