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The tablet problem of the tablet press

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The tablet problem of the tablet press

That is to say, when the pressing machine is running, the up and down movement may be abnormal, mainly because of the strong bond between the material and the mold, or even has occurred. This may be due to the high viscosity of the material, or due to the high humidity in the room, or due to the increased viscosity of the material as it absorbs moisture from the air, or due to insufficient lubricants or short mixing times. You can reduce the water content of the material, or choose a less viscous binder, or increase the amount of lubricant, or in small tissues, increase the amount of lubricant.

One possible reason for the jumpers is that the speed of rotation on the table is so high that when the table and cover are rotated too strongly, the impact occurs, and this is enough to slow the table down.

Rough edges, protruding edges of the tablets, are part of the working tablets that have redundant edges that can sometimes be pulled off by hand, eventually resulting in a substandard appearance of the tablets and affecting quality indicators such as the weight of the tablets, etc. For this reason, one of my ideas is that the pressure is too high, so the material in the middle of the part is too tight and runs to one side, so I can try to reduce the pressure. Secondly, the wear of the die results in a large intermediate distance between the wrist and the die. This visually visible defect may be the cause of the template's disappearance and can also be used as an alternative to template inspection. You can also try adding preloading.

Detonation is when a punch breaks or breaks because of excessive pressure or poor quality up and down the punch. Some domestic manufacturers do not pay attention to the quality of punch and blindly pursue pressure indicators in the actual production process, which will inevitably lead to the risk of bursting.


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