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Transmission system of tablet press

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Transmission system of tablet press

The main drive system is to provide power for the tablet press, which requires that the speed of the main drive system is adjustable, and at the same time it has enough torque, so that the speed is stable and reliable under large impact load. The main drive system mainly includes high-power AC motor, frequency converter, tensionwheel, large pulley, synchronous tooth belt, small pulley, hand wheel, worm gear reducer, main drive shaft and other components.

The machine adopts frequency conversion technology to replace the mechanical speed regulation of stepless speed regulating motor. The advantages of frequency conversion speed regulation are energy saving and consumption reduction, reliable control, stable operation and low noise. Inverter itself has over voltage, low voltage and over current multiple protection functions, such as through the output parameters can be for real-time monitoring of actuators, once appear abnormal, protection function, frequency converter to control the main motor to stop operation, at the same time shows fault code, indicating the cause of the problem, and further guarantee the safe and reliable machine work.

The common faults of the mechanical part of the tablet press are easy to occur in the following parts: guide rail, press wheel, overload protection, reduction box and the middle die of the tablet press.


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