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Transparent blister pack

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Transparent blister pack

Packaging design needs to follow one of the principles is to fully display the goods, mainly in two ways, one is to use vivid color photos on the package to truly reproduce the goods; The second is to directly display the commodity itself, that is, to use transparent packaging, skylight packaging and other forms of packaging. Transparent packaging is very attractive because of its transparent characteristics, which provides consumers with the advantage of clearly seeing the content, completely in line with people's shopping habit of "seeing is believing", so it is favored by consumers.

The scope of transparent packaging is very wide. In addition to bottles and bags, it is generally considered that the single-sided transparent packaging of cardboard base blister packaging, partial transparent packaging of window packaging, single-sided transparent packaging of body packaging and double-sided transparent packaging of clamshell blister packaging all belong to the category of dry transparent packaging. The main materials used for transparent packaging are plastic and glass.

According to a Freedonia Group research report on blistered and Other high visibility packaging, food products are the most in need of high visibility packaging, because consumers in the U.S. market want this type of packaging that allows them to see inside the product. We hope that the freshness and hygiene of the food can be clearly seen through the packaging. Pharmaceuticals and medical products are next in line for high visibility packaging.


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