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Trends in blister packaging equipment

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-16      Origin: Site

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Trends in blister packaging equipment

At present, China's pharmaceutical equipment market is still a buyer's market, every equipment manufacturer must design production equipment according to the market demand, according to the needs of customers. Therefore, driven by customer demand, blister packaging equipment in China will have the following trends

China is a developing country with a large population. The national conditions determine that most of our pharmaceutical enterprises produce large quantities of products. In addition, through a gradual evolution in recent years, domestic pharmaceutical enterprises to survive, must have their own core products, the core products in general, larger output but the status quo of a pharmaceutical factory usually need to purchase a few production lines to meet the needs of the production, it shows that our equipment speed can't meet customer demand, So we must improve the level of automatic control of products, mechanical processing level, improve the production speed and production efficiency of equipment.

Compared with other pharmaceutical equipment, there are more factors affecting the operation of bubble cover packaging machine: water, electricity, gas, temperature, humidity, packaging materials, drugs and other subtle changes in each factor will directly affect the stable operation of bubble cover packaging machine, the stability of bubble cover packaging machine is always the top concern of customers. Especially as part of the production line, the stability of the single machine has a greater impact on the operation of the production line. This needs to expand the scope of use of equipment, improve the anti-interference of external factors.

The packaging automation level of pharmaceutical enterprises is constantly improving, and the packaging line needs fewer and fewer operators. The equipment in line with this trend is undoubtedly more in line with the development status of pharmaceutical enterprises.

Blister packaging equipment functions from the original tablet, capsule packaging, now has been able to package pills, suppositories, injections and other products, and expanded to food, cosmetics and other industries. With the progress of technology, blister packaging form is further recognized by the market, I believe that with the function of blister packaging machine will become more and more powerful, the applicable field will be more and more wide.

Each pharmaceutical enterprise has different situations, different production space, different specification requirements, different operating staff, different technological processes, different packaging forms, so when customers have needs, to meet the customer's personalized design needs of the equipment will certainly be able to get the favor of the market.


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