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Tropical aluminum blister packaging and its advantages

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Tropical aluminum blister packaging and its advantages

Tropical aluminum blister packaging is a kind of designed to strengthen the blocking performance of the aluminum-plastic blister packaging and packaging forms developed, especially suitable for Yang isolation performance requirements higher food, medicines, health food products such as packaging, its sealing quality, elegant appearance, has received extensive attention of domestic packaging businesses and consumers, and adopted by more and more packaging enterprises.

The packaging of tropical aluminum blister is composed of tropical aluminum blister and aluminum plastic plate (PVC blister hard sheet and PTP aluminum foil). The high insulation performance is mainly attributed to the application of dry tropical aluminum blister. Tropical type bubble cap aluminum is commonly known as "aluminum plastic aluminum", its basic structure is composed of nylon (NY)/composite adhesive/aluminum foil (Al)/heat sealing adhesive (heat sealing adhesive is used to heat seal with PVC bubble cap hard sheet), the need to use cold stamping molding process molding, and other aluminum plastic composite materials are not applicable to this process. The tropical type aluminum blistering cover is equivalent to a layer of "protective cover" in the packaging of aluminum plastic blistering cover, which can play a good role in blocking water vapor, oxygen and light, so as to effectively extend the shelf life of the contents.

The production process of tropical aluminum blistering packaging is generally as follows: PVC bubble cap hard sheet → heating → blistering → filling → heat-sealing PTP aluminum foil (on top) and tropical type bubble cap aluminum (on bottom) with PVC bubble cap hard sheet → embossing product information → pressing fracture line → punching → collecting waste.

As can be seen from the production process of tropical aluminum blistering packaging, after completing the filling process of the inner contents, the tropical aluminum blistering packaging needs to heat seal the PTP aluminum foil and the tropical aluminum blistering with the PVC blistering hard sheet at the same time through the heat sealing device under the appropriate temperature and pressure. In addition, in order to facilitate the cold stamping of the tropical type of bubble cap aluminum and hot stamping of PVC bubble cap hard sheet can be firmly sealed, the bubble cap area should be designed slightly wider, so as to effectively make up for the traditional aluminum plastic bubble cap packaging water resistance, oxygen resistance, light resistance problems.

After heat sealing, the aluminum surface of the tropical bubble cap is relatively flat. Product information (such as manufacturer's logo, product name, etc.) can be imprinted on the surface through mold design to enhance the publicity effect of the product.


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