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Type of capsule filling machine

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Type of capsule filling machine

Capsule filling machine abroad can be divided into two categories by the movement mode of spindle drive table: one is continuous type, the other is intermittent type. They were founded by MG2 (Italy) and Bosch (Germany). Bosch uses intermittent, MG2 uses continuous, and Italy's IMA has both. According to the filling form, it can be divided into two kinds: gravity flow and forced type. According to the structure of metering and filling device (powder/granule and pellet), it can be divided into: metering disc, slide plate, metering pipe, metering tube inserting metering and piston pushing down filling, metering cylinder piston falling metering and gravity flow filling, metering tube plate negative pressure metering and positive pressure filling, etc. The BOSCH models are metering plate and slide plate types, while the MG2 and IMA models are metering tube types.

Capsule filling machine is a very precise equipment, whether it is the transmission part, or the executive part, the material, heat treatment, machining accuracy of parts, automatic control and so on have very high requirements, the difference between the domestic machine and the entrance machine is this, is also the cause of the noise of the domestic machine. Therefore, in the imitation model, should not stay in the shape and size of the imitation, but should be in a deep understanding of its working principle on the basis of digestion and absorption of its connotation, more in-depth development of research, have their own characteristics of things.


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