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Type of die for tablet press

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Type of die for tablet press

There are many kinds of die, but we can distinguish them according to the different equipment, materials, standards and shapes used

1.1 According to the different equipment used, there are single punching die, rotary punching die, flower basket punching die and press punching die;

1.2 according to the different materials made, there are alloy steel die, carbide die, ceramic die, chromium plating, titanium plating die; The most common alloy steel materials for domestic die are: GCr15, CrL2MoV, CrWUMN, 9Mn2V, 9CrSi; The most common materials for imported die are: A2, O1, S1, S7, PHG.S, PHG-P.

1.3 According to different standards, there are ZP standard (GB12253.90) die, IPT international standard die, EU standard die and various non-standard special tablet press die and battery ring die; (High speed tablet press die standard JB/T20080.1-2006 (T series recently passed the joint examination) single stamping die tablet press because of its standard and machine styles are different, there are single stamping die and rotary tablet press die. According to the specifications, diameter and shape of tablets, the die of single stamping machine and rotary tablet press can be divided into circular die and special-shaped die. Circular punching die: shallow arc circular punching, deep arc circular punching, oblique circular punching, pure circular punching special-shaped punching die: in addition to the geometric shape of the circle, such as oval, key (capsule shape), triangle and other specific needs of what kind of punching die, can be customized according to the requirements of the demand side.


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