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Type of packing

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Type of packing

Packaging design is based on the basic function, ease of use and reuse of packaging protection as well as the actual production conditions, on the basis of scientific principles, considering the internal and external structure and design of packaging.

A good structural design with effective asset protection as its main function is followed by ease of use, ease of transport, exhibition, transport, etc., as well as the possibility of reuse, display content and other functions.

Classification by product sales: packaging of domestic and export products;

According to the role of packaging in the cycle: single packaging, intermediate packaging, outer packaging;

Packaging materials: paper products packaging, plastic products packaging, metal packaging, bamboo packaging, glass container packaging, composite packaging;

Packing according to usage frequency: single packing, multiple packing, revolving packing, etc.

According to the hardness and hardness of the packaging container, there are hard, semi-hard, flexible packaging;

Classification by product category: food packaging, drug packaging, mechanical and electrical equipment packaging, dangerous goods packaging;

According to the function: transportation packaging, storage packaging, sales packaging;

According to the technical packing method: shock-proof packing, moisture-proof packing, rust-proof packing, mildew proof packing;

According to the packaging structure: replacement packaging, blister packaging, scalable heat packaging, portable packaging, pallet packaging, packaging.

Packaging and packaging design are patterns, text, color, embossing and other art forms, highlighting the characteristics and image of products, strive to create beautiful, novel patterns, colorful, bright text decoration and decorative products, in order to promote the sale of products.

Packaging design is a comprehensive science, it is not only a practical art, but also an engineering technology, is a combination of marketing, consumer economics, consumer psychology and other disciplines of art, technology and engineering organic combination.


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