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Unpacking matters of blister packing machine

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Unpacking matters of blister packing machine

1. When unpacking, check whether the machine is complete, whether the attachment is consistent with the list, and whether there is any damage during transportation.

2. The machine should be placed horizontally in the room without installing screws on the bottom foot. The rubber plate with a thickness of about 12mm should be placed on the bottom of the bottom foot to avoid damage to the ground and displacement.

3. open the mechanism to carry out a comprehensive cleaning, with a soft cloth slightly soapy water (or detergent) to wipe the surface oil, dirt, and then dry with a soft cloth.

4. For the sake of safe production, it should be connected to the ground wire according to the designated position of the ground plate.

5. The machine should be operated and maintained by full-time personnel.

6. the operator must be familiar with the operation manual, the machine structure, the use of basic understanding of the operation.

7. All kinds of gears, sprockets, guide sleeves and cams of the transmission mechanism are added with oil once per shift.

8. The helical gear reducer should be lubricated regularly by adding molybdenum disulfide sodium base ester according to the instructions of the manufacturer.


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