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Use of die for sheet pressing machine

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Use of die for sheet pressing machine

In tablet production, tablet press and die are the equipment to press granular preparation into tablets directly. As the main consumables in the pressing process, the dosage of the die is very large. During the stamping process, shanyu die is mainly subjected to the axial alternating load, and its axial force is generally 50-100kN, which has a great loss to the die. Proper and reasonable usage can guarantee the quality of the tablet and the service life of the mold, thus reducing the transportation cost.

During the use of the mold, attention should be paid to:

(1) Die room shall be set up in the press section, and special personnel shall be responsible for the checking, inspection, maintenance, storage and release of molds.

(2) The roughness of the mold should be checked before and after use to check whether there are flanging, missing Angle, blasting and wear of the sheet. The surface of engraving die should be bright to prevent sticking, illegible embossing and folding.

(3) In order to prevent the difference of sheet weight, the consistency of punching rod length must be guaranteed. Especially when new and old dies are used, more attention should be paid to the consistency of length.

(4) The pressure adjustment as small as possible, according to the tablet hardness qualified subject, do not in order to pursue the harder the better the film and excessive pressure, overpressure use.

(5) Press the operating method of the sheet cutter when assembling and disassembling the mold.

(6) After the tablet is finished, the die should be removed in time, wiped clean, and promptly coated with oil to prevent rust for later use.


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