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Use of manual tablet press

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Use of manual tablet press

1. the first use should be compared with the physical machine carefully read the instructions, and then use.

2. the machine can only run in a certain direction (see the hand wheel or the arrow on the protective cover) can not be reversed, so as not to damage the parts. Be careful not to neglect when pressing and adjusting tablets.

3. Belt tightness adjustment: it can be adjusted by two adjusting nuts on the mechanical and electrical bottom plate. After the adjustment, pay attention to the lock.

4. When no power supply is used, the triangular belt should be removed to reduce resistance and wear. But do not remove the big belt, because the big pulley labor-saving role.

5. When electric pressing the tablet, the rotating handle on the handwheel must be knocked down to avoid hurting people when running.

6. Whether manual or electric tablet pressing, the upper punch core bar should be in the rising position before starting, and then start. If the uppunch is started in the falling position, it has just started to enter the middle mold pressing sheet. At this time, due to the small inertia of the machine, it is easy to jacking the car. (That is, after the upper punch enters the middle die, the machine stops running because of the resistance of tablets. Top the car due to the large load, often damage the machine or burn the motor).


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