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Vacuum feeder for capsule filling machine

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Vacuum feeder for capsule filling machine

Since the 1980s, the hard capsule filling machine has been used to produce drugs, because it involves health, safety and drug control, which is an important means, mainly through several processes: from manual stair delivery to conveyor delivery, rotary positive pressure vacuum automatic transport, and cross-layer pneumatic dead weight transport. The development of these processes shows that their loading methods have been improved with the development of times and the updating of technologies.

At present, capsules produced by domestic pharmaceutical companies have been used, only a few small enterprises still use manual filling or other ways to charge, and most of them use automatic charging. Compared with normal vacuum degree, vacuum filling prescription method has the following advantages:

Hopper integrated vacuum power supply, compact structure, dust-free, safe and hygienic, low noise.

Simple installation, can be installed anywhere, only one power supply, energy saving and environmental protection.

Easy to operate, the automatic vacuum filling device has high speed and large conveying capacity, which can well adapt to the volume of the filling machine hopper.

The use of mechanical cleaning methods in clean filtration media, not commonly used compressed air blowing, to avoid compressed air pollution may contain oil or water pollution and exposure to drugs, because the special requirements of drugs on compressed air, such as less than zero industrial dust, save installation and operation costs.

Vacuum loading basically realizes the stratification of unmixed materials.

Suitable for most high - height cleaning workshops.


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