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Warranty for blister packing machine

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Warranty for blister packing machine

1.The machine warranty period is 12 months. 

2. During the warranty period, the problem appeared in accordance with normal use and service instructions, we provide free fixing. 

3. During the warranty period, such as one of the following conditions occur, it will be charged: (1)Can not provide a valid warranty card or purchasing documents. (2)Misuse and damage caused by improper repairs. (3)Transporting or damage caused by fall. (4)Failure and other damage caused by force majeure. (5)Use the power voltage caused damage other than those specified. 

4. The appearance of the product, the vulnerability of consumables and accessories are not covered by the warranty. The accessories included Spring, Water Tank,Filter,Rubber Gasket and tooling in the tooling box.

5. Only for the above guarantee, does not make any express or other guarantee, either in the contract, on tort or otherwise, the Company liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages in charge.


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