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Weight adjustment of tablet for tablet press

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Weight adjustment of tablet for tablet press

During the stamping process, the weight difference of the tablets tends to increase. What should be done?

(1) Punch length is not uniform: the workpiece weight difference may increase, so calipers should be used to check whether each punch is qualified. If individual reductions may be due to failed discharge movements and low particle fill volumes, individual reductions should be checked well to remove obstacles.

(2) the hopper level unit is wrong: may result in a hopper particles falling rapidly, the particles on the feeder, another hopper slow accumulation of particles, the particles on the feeder, less lead to imbalance, joining the two particles hopper production, hopper position is adjustable, must maintain a certain number of particles and lose speed, the accumulation of two hopper about the number of particles, particles can join hole.

(3) Feeding hopper blockage: in the buffer zone of the tablet, if the particles are sticky or wet, sometimes particle tablets or cotton yarn are mixed with the material and cannot flow freely, so the amount of particles added to the hole decreases, affecting the weight of the tablet and greatly reducing the weight of the tablet, the inspection should be stopped immediately.

(4) Improving the particle quality, excessive moisture, too much fine powder, too big difference in particle size, and insufficient additives in the particles can also cause the change of tablet weight difference.

(5) The reason for the weight change of tablets is generally due to machine failure or negligence in operation, so in this process, detailed inspection and maintenance work should be done, damage should be done, the tablet weight should be measured every other time, and the tablet weight should be normal before continuing production.


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