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Weight difference between tablets by tablet press

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Weight difference between tablets by tablet press

The Chinese Pharmacopoeia has specific regulations on the weight difference of tablets. If the weight difference is large, the content of the main drug in the tablets will be affected. In order to ensure that the weight difference of tablets meets the requirements of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and avoid producing unqualified products, strict weight difference control method is often adopted when the tablets are pressed, that is, when the tablets are pressed, sampling inspection is conducted at certain intervals to check whether the extracted samples are within the prescribed limit. Generally speaking, the weight difference of tablets is mainly due to the large difference in particle size, the flow rate of particles is different when pressing tablets, so that the particles fill the mold hole is not uniform. In this case, too much fine powder can be sifted away, or re-granulated.

In the production of tablets, in addition to the above problems, there may also be problems such as sticking, discoloration, pockmark, lamination, etc., which need us to sum up experience and take corresponding measures according to the actual situation.

To sum up, in order to ensure the quality of TCM tablets, the following aspects should be done: First, the pre-treatment of Chinese medicinal materials should depend on the nature of Chinese medicinal materials; Two is to master the process of pelletizing each link, such as the amount of adhesive and wetting agent, particle drying method and water, etc.; Third, adjust the unreasonable operation of the tablet press in time, such as pressure and speed, etc.; Fourth, the operator should strengthen the responsibility of the whole process of production.


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