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What are the components of the blister packing material

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What are the components of the blister packing material

Lu: su packing types and specifications of plastic has many, should be considered when choosing product packaging size, strength, quality and value, etc., also considering the flexible packaging product or edge is outstanding, heat sealing material coating and cut off the sex and so on, and the different types of packaging to adapt to using different technical requirements of packaging materials, as far as possible to reduce the cost of packaging.

Blister packaging plastic film of cellulose, polyethylene, PVC, polystyrene resin, aluminum foil, aluminum foil, etc., the most common type of cellulose and microcrystalline cellulose, cellulose ester propionic acid butyl ester, etc., they have good transparency and heat sealing, coating fat and resistance, but thermosetting coating temperature is higher than other cellulose plastic coating. Directional stretched polystyrene has high transparency, good air tightness, but poor impact resistance, and is more likely to break at low temperatures. Vinyl resins are generally cheaper than polystyrene, more rigid and flexible, and more transparent. It has a good thermal seal with a layer of cardboard for increased cold resistance, affecting the addition of plasticizer. The internal devices, which require insulation and light protection, shall be made of plastic and aluminum foil; Food and medicines must be packaged in non-toxic plastics, such as polyvinyl chloride, and must meet health standards.

Base material is also an important part of blister packaging. Similar to plastic film, the size, shape, quality and weight of packaging materials should also be considered when choosing packaging materials. The substrate is usually a piece of white paper. A whiteboard made of bleached kraft wood pulp or recycled cardboard coated with white paper. When selecting content, consider the size, form, and quality of the content. The surface of the bright white substrate shall be of good quality, after printing, with a firm coating to ensure that the coating is covered by the fused media and blister to prevent the contents from floating. The base material can also be used for B or E type corrugated paper, coated aluminum foil and a variety of composite materials.

In addition to plastic film and substrate, coating material selection is also critical. If the coating material is not selected properly, the blister film will be damaged during the heat sealing process. Therefore, the heat sealing coating should be compatible with the substrate and the bubble cover. The heat seal temperature should be relatively low, so that it can be quickly sealed without destroying the bubble film. The most commonly used heat sealing coating materials are soluble vinyl resin and waterproof acrylic resin with excellent gloss, transparency and heat sealing properties.


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