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What are the daily maintenance of the capsule filling machine

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What are the daily maintenance of the capsule filling machine

As a typical equipment of pharmaceutical enterprises, automatic capsule filling machine has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The capsule can be automatically filled, seeded, filled and sealed. Therefore, the relationship between motion precision and mechanism is very high, its kinematics and dynamics performance is related to the performance of the whole machine.

Therefore, the daily maintenance of capsule filling is particularly important. Today I'm going to give you some knowledge of the daily maintenance of the capsule filling equipment, as well as an analysis of common failures.

Pay attention to daily maintenance: when the machine runs for a long time, the parts in direct contact with drugs should be cleaned regularly for batch replacement or long down time; To reduce wear on moving parts, appropriate lubricants (grease) should always be provided for the driving mechanism under the working surface of the machine. Check the oil content of the main drive reducer once a month, supplement it in time when it is insufficient, and change the lubricating oil every half a year; Check the transmission current once a week and add proper amount of grease. Tighten again if necessary.

The capsule cannot be separated smoothly: the vacuum is too small, which can be shown by the vacuum gauge. There are many reasons why the vacuum is too small. For the reason of the vacuum pump itself, please find the maintenance personnel or replace the vacuum pump. Vacuum pump connected to the trachea separated from the capsule shell ruptured, replacing the trachea. Vacuum pump filter film blocked, clean the filter film. Also the water flow is too small, such as the replacement of a larger water flow pipeline.

The gap between the module and the capsule separator is too large, which may be due to the height adjustment of the capsule separator, the module or the telescopic rod in the module. Specific faults need to be removed before a solution can be found. It is easy to have problems when the powder is too fine or when the powder is too sticky.


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