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What are the effects of rotary tablet press particles

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What are the effects of rotary tablet press particles

Hardness is a common problem in the pressing process, it can affect the pressing and coating. Loose sheet is mainly related to particle quality and tablet press operation.

The particle mass is the key to compaction. Therefore, the granulation process is particularly important for the quality of tablets. The main factors affecting the particle quality of the tablet press are:

The first is the role of herbal ingredients. For example, some Chinese herbs contain a lot of fiber. Due to its high elasticity, low viscosity, loose particles, tablet hardness is low.

To this end, in practice, appropriate solvents and methods can be used to extract and concentrate the active components of these drugs to prepare particles, so as to reduce the elasticity of particles, improve their compressibility, and thus increase the hardness of tablets; Tablets contain a large amount of drugs, which may also cause the tablets to become loose. If these oils are active ingredients, more adsorbents should be added to the particles to absorb the oil. If these oil ingredients are inactive, draining or other completely degreasing methods are available to reduce the oil particles, increase their adhesion, hardness and improve the film.

Secondly, the effect of comminution degree of medicinal materials. If the fine powder of traditional Chinese medicine is not fine enough, the particles produced by the adhesion is not strong, often make the tablet loose. Therefore, medical powder must have a certain degree of fineness, which is a prerequisite for the preparation of good particles and tablets.

Furthermore, the effects of adhesives and humectants. Binder and humidifier play an important role in granulating production. The choice of variety and dosage directly affect the quality of particles. The choice of binder and wetting agent depends on the nature of the powder. For example, for a complete tablet, a viscous binder should be chosen, such as a complete tablet extract, while a resin extract powder contains a large amount of mucus. The alcohol concentration of the wetting agent must be very high. The dosage of adhesive is very small, so fine powder particles too much, will produce loose pieces.

The influence of humidity on particles. The particle humidity has a great influence on the tablet, so it can be appropriate to increase the humidity and add the brittle broken particles with plastic deformation to reduce the elasticity, which is conducive to compression, while the convex particles have a large elasticity and a small plasticity, which is not conducive to compression. But if the water content is too high, it will also make the pill fluffy, or even bond or blockage, vibration, may affect the pill. Therefore, the grain moisture content of each Chinese medicine tablet should be controlled within an appropriate range.

In addition, during the operation of the rotary tablet press, if the tablet becomes loose due to insufficient pressure, too fast speed and uneven punch length, the pressure or speed can be adjusted or reduced appropriately and the punch can be replaced. If the pressure is high enough and the loosening continues, other reasons should be considered and pressure that may damage the press should not be applied.


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