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What are the factors that affect the quality of the press

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What are the factors that affect the quality of the press

The press wheel is a device for adjusting the pressure of the press plate and increasing the protective effect. Common faults include wear of the pressure wheel, lack of oil or damage to the bearing of the pressure wheel shaft. Since the outer cylinder of the pressure wheel is obviously worn and the rod end resistance is high, the pressure wheel should be replaced again. The hole press wheel and the press wheel inside are very broken, the press wheel or the press wheel shaft should also be replaced: sometimes, the damage of the press shaft is mainly due to excessive pressure, most of the raw materials are difficult to press due to improper adjustment operation, then should replace the axial pressure, adjust the equipment must and should adjust the pressure. In addition, the pressure shaft bearing to regular lubrication and maintenance, if there is any damage, to replace in time.

The common fault of overload protection system is frequent alarm. The main reason is that the spring overload protection pressure or pressure plate overload pressure is too small, the solution is to adjust the steering wheel pressure to reduce or increase the spring overload protection pressure.

The reduction box consists of a turbine, worm and a box. Its common failure is a leaking reducer. The solution is to tighten the flange screws or replace the oil screws and apply sealant.

Die is an important part of the tablet press. The problem is punching rod wear. The impact rod should only be replaced after wear; In the bar. Although most of the bending occurs in small diameter punches, it is mainly due to excessive pressure, bending will affect the weight difference of tablets, which need to be replaced.

Other common problems include voice abnormalities and weight differences in pills, which can involve a number of factors, including improper use and management. When using the press, the press should be cleaned regularly, and the workpieces that are easy to wear should be checked regularly. Easy wear parts such as guide rail, pressing wheel and pressing die should be checked or lubricated in time.


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