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What are the functions of the automatic capsule filling machine

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What are the functions of the automatic capsule filling machine

Automatic capsule filling machine has advanced in the world, the performance characteristics of automatic capsule filling machine is a standard series, generally do mold is easy to change and need to replace the cleaning tools, automatic capsule filling machine using a high precision, low vibration and noise of operation, less than 70 db noise, control the dose difference + / - 3%, domestic machine capsule on the probability of more than 99.5%; The mechanical and electrical components for automatic capsule filling are manufactured in Japan by well-known brands such as Siemens and Omron, and the control system is safe and reliable.

Automatic capsule filling platform adopts hard chromium coating, the surface is smooth, not easy to deformation, avoid rust, increase hardness; The parts in direct contact with the medical powder are class 304 and class 316, with high quality and no rust, fully in line with the specifications of GMP pharmaceutical factory. Automatic capsule filling can be equipped with medical powder collector according to the needs of users, which can effectively and directly recover lost materials and improve the economic benefits of pharmaceutical enterprises.

Automatic capsule filling machine hopper automatic prediction alarm, if empty shell, requires filling particle powder, meets three materials, meets functional capsule, tablet release and drug in the same demand. Fully automatic capsule filling machine has built-in isolation measures to reduce powder leakage and enhance the mechanism. It is easier to clean. The effective control of the surrounding dose can effectively recover the powder in the dose and reduce dust at the same time.

Automatic capsule filling machine, to avoid cross pollution and energy saving: a capsule design product mechanism, through the air compressor, so as to reduce the size and noise of the machine, to avoid pressure caused by cross pollution and motion fault, get an obvious energy saving effect; The gap of automatic capsule filling machine should adjust the dosing plate, which can drive the gear, so that the bolt 5 can be supported to increase or decrease at the same time; Taking into account the different characteristics of China and Europe, the working pressure required for filling is larger, the size of the CAM is increased, the surface of the CAM has nitrogen flower treatment, improve the surface hardness, ensure the service life and the reliability of the equipment. The mechanism adjustment button manually adjusts the type for easy adjustment, disassembly and cleaning. The lower bracket is the one that adopts the imported aviation aluminum passivation treatment in China, which does not generate static electricity, does not vacuum, and is easy to clean. The structure of the wiper was improved, the traditional square wiper was changed, so that the load of the end and end of the measuring disk at each station was consistent with that of other holes, and the precision of the load of medical powder was improved. The man-machine interface module is equipped with intelligent control function of German Siemens software. It lacks materials, bags and software operation fault diagnosis, parking lock, automatic mechanical control and alarm.


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