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What are the ways to reduce dust?

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What are the ways to reduce dust?

Method to reduce dust during manual feeding: add a round cover on the hopper, and cover it timely after manual feeding to prevent dust diffusion. Vacuum feeder is used to seal the hopper to reduce dust production in stamping process.

Method to reduce dust during upstroke operation: after the dust removal of the feeder, the dust inlet of single dust layer is reformed so that it can suck out the fine particles of the double dust chamber of the rotating work table of the pressure plate.

An inlet cover affixed to the opening of the outlet groove top or connected to the inlet hole to prevent dust diffusion at the outlet and during the outlet process.

Add a cover plate above the feeder. This method is not applicable to forced feeding. The feeding port of the hopper and the feeding port of the forced feeder are connected to seal the feeding port of the hopper to the inlet pipe of the forced feeder. The natural feeding grid feeding network is covered with platinum plate to prevent the powder and particles produced from colliding with the punch, while the downward way is to reduce the leakage dose according to the different depths of the particle filler configured.

Adjust the hole machining, and rotate the hole mould for the upper and lower holes of the slider to improve the surface roughness of the inner hole and the diameter and distance of the inner hole on the turntable, and reduce the gap between the hole head and the inner hole of the middle die, so as to reduce dust powder and leakage powder. The dust removal interface on the upper part of the compression chamber is added to further purify and reduce dust in the compression chamber.

Downstroke operation to reduce dust: small head part to increase the coil, press the following dust falls on the coil immediately suction nozzle pressure powder to keep clean, there is also used for downstroke lubrication, in order to extend the service life table rotation. When cleaning the scene, remove the power supply, and then use a special cleaning tool to clean the dust on the mold. The dust falls on the connecting powder coil, and then use the powder suction nozzle to absorb the dust. Remove the connecting powder coil and then remove the middle mold.


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