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What needs to be improved about the tablet press

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What needs to be improved about the tablet press

Improvements to be made on the tablet press:

The enterprise has made contributions to the smooth operation of the whole direct pressing process by improving the feeding device, dedusting device and prepressing device. Fine powder does not have good fluidity like particles, and it is easy to have void or fast or slow flow in the feeder, which leads to the difference of flake weight. The powder flows uniformly into the mold hole through vibrating feeding or forced feeding device; Because air is present in the powder, it is more easy to produce than granule extrusion head crack, reduce the extrusion speed, or through the secondary compression, which is a preliminary compression, the second final compressed into tablets can solve this problem, due to the increase of the compression time, facilitate powder after the discharge of ventilated take a breath, reduce the cracking phenomenon, improve the tablet hardness. In addition, because of the flying nature of the powder, it directly pressed into the tablet platemaking process will produce more dust, sometimes there will be powder leakage phenomenon, so the platemaking machine to have automatic filling device, good dust removal device, wiper and rotary plate connected well.

A major difference between direct and wet pelleting is that the material must be fine powder, and the compression and fluidity of the material will determine the quality of the final product. Due to the fluidity and compressibility of various drug powders, they cannot meet the requirements of direct tablets. Therefore, it is the most important direct and effective method to select the excipients with superior performance to increase the fluidity of drugs. Compared with wet granulation, the correct selection of auxiliary materials is more strict in direct stamping. No traditional excipients combine good fluidity and good compressibility, adhesion and high adhesion, which are required for direct compression, with low sensitivity to lubricants. Traditional starch, dextrin and sugar powder have poor fluidity and compressibility. Therefore, it is a new task to develop excipients suitable for direct powder pressing.


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