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Why are tablets made before pressing?

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Why are tablets made before pressing?

Both granulation and tablet compression are designed to avoid direct contact with the stomach and intestines to reduce the effects of drugs. Solid drugs dissolve in the body before they are absorbed.

Why do you need to pelletize before pressing?

Granulation is an important means to ensure the quality of drugs. Make sure there are no cracks or looseness.

What is the technological process of wet tablet pelletizing?

Raw materials and accessories, grinding, sieving, mixing, making soft materials, granulating, drying, whole granulating, total mixing, pressing, coating, packaging, finished products.

Wet mixing time for preparation of Chinese medicine tablets:

Samples were collected during premix, i.e. wet granulation, and their RSD values were analyzed. Then, after complete mixing, it is necessary to test the sample content and calculate the RSD value, because complete mixing is the final mixture, which directly affects the subsequent grouting and content uniformity, etc.

How to improve the hardness of tablets during granulation?

Before the maturation process, the tablet press needs to test the amount of auxiliary materials added. The nature of the auxiliary materials determines the type and amount of the auxiliary materials. There is no ready-made way to use it.

A pill is soft when it is pelleted, but hardens after a while. What kind of adhesive is used?

Gelatin: Gelatins are very thick and must be kept at high temperatures to avoid cementation, particles harden over time after manufacture, usually using an aqueous solution as a binder, which increases the hardness of the drug during production but reduces its disintegration.


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