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Wired technology of tablet press

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Wired technology of tablet press

A tablet press can be connected to a production line, and both German and British tablets have this capability. It has the function of start, end and speed adjustment. Using this option, it can be reliably and automatically connected with other equipment in the production line, such as screen, vacuum, testing, conveying, bucket, etc., to complete the pressing task of the tablet simultaneously. At the same time, different monitoring methods are used on the external equipment to provide high safety and reliability performance. Use an online detector to remove burrs, frills, and dust from pressed tablets. The suction monitoring function is to use the flow monitoring instrument to regularly detect the suction pressure in the specified position of the suction pipe. Continually compare the set value with the measured value. If the detector does not detect the suction pressure (no flow) in the suction tube within 10s, the tablet press will send out a fault alarm and stop running. This function ensures the reliability of production to a large extent, and can continuously remove the dust in the process of tablet pressing production.

The control technology connected with the whole tablet production line is a new technology of tablet production control, which is the development trend in the future. This technology has just started in China. At present, the company is doing research and development in this field, and will put it into operation in domestic customers in the near future.


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