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Work after capsule filling

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Work after capsule filling

After the capsule filling machine has filled the capsule, part of the capsule needs polishing treatment. The use method of the capsule polishing machine: one straw of the special industrial vacuum cleaner is placed under the polishing closed cylinder; Another special industrial vacuum cleaner straw is attached to the top of the waste disposal unit. Connect industrial vacuum and mechanical polishing light source to adjust the speed of polishing machine. A small amount of waste shell capsules were used to adjust the negative pressure air volume of the waste shell machine, and only empty shell capsules were taken out. If the negative pressure is too high, good capsules may be inhaled. Too small to be useful for waste disposal. Adjust the amount of waste gas treated on the panel at the entrance of the industrial vacuum cleaner. The situation of waste disposal can be observed from the observation board in front of the waste disposal unit. The suction of the medical vacuum cleaner can also be adjusted on the regulating board of the industrial vacuum cleaner.

The work may not be carried out until the above preparations have been completed. Clean the polishing machine and industrial vacuum cleaner in time after each shift. If necessary, industrial vacuum cleaners should also be cleaned in the workplace.

(1) Speed regulation of polishing machine: electronic regulator is adopted. For fragile capsules, the speed can be moderated and vice versa. The rotation speed of the polish can be adjusted.

(2) Adjust the dip Angle of the polishing drum: adjust the dip Angle of the polishing drum by means of the rear end bracket, with large dip Angle, good polishing effect, small dip Angle and high production efficiency.

(3) Industrial vacuum adjustment: The professional industrial vacuum cleaner is composed of two sets of washing pipes, each set of washing pipes is equipped with absorption type air volume adjustment panel, the air volume can be adjusted according to the use situation.


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