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Work analysis of tablet press

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Work analysis of tablet press

High speed press is still a normal press, but the basic principle of the operation of the press is similar, the working principle of the press including filling, quantitative, prepressing, main pressure, and so on. Upper and lower die have burst disk drive, up and down along the guide movement from left to right, respectively, when the punch movement to fill section, upward movement of the punch movement around the forced feeder, at the same time, the role of the punch under the CAM adjustment moves down, on the surface and form a cavity die, the rotor's dust particles filled cavity, after filling the cavity, CAM punching form too much. The press press punch continues to move, while the lower punch gradually moves upwards, CAM particle filling, and excessive dispersion in the cavity are the average quantization of the extrusion die hole. Quantized partial filling, the upper surface of the filling CAM is horizontal, as long as the punch maintains horizontal movement, drugs and excess powder particles on the surface of the mold are evenly scratched secretly quantized, ensuring consistent particle powder drugs average holes in each mold. The protective CAM pushes the handle down and the upper handle moves down through the CAM. When the die hole is moved from the cover, the upper handle enters the middle die hole. The up and down punch movement makes the tablet quite complete, mainly through the pressure of the pressing wheel to complete the compaction effect, then, through a CAM, the pressing die hole of the tablet average output device, through the die pressure to complete the whole process.

Common faults of mechanical parts of the press may occur in: guide rail, pressure wheel, overload protection, reducer, etc. Various components, such as presses, molds; The most common problems in the production process are sound anomalies and sheet weight differences, which involve many factors, including improper use and supervision. When using the press machine, the press room should be cleaned regularly and the working parts that are easy to wear should be checked regularly. Based on the experience accumulated in the actual use process, some common fault solutions and maintenance methods are put forward. Attention should be paid to the use of filling agent during operation. Clean the upper surface with a cloth, add oil and a small brush, and then evenly apply it to the cap rod on the head. However, the amount of oil should not be too much, so as not to cause oil powder into oil. Gas up at least twice a day. Poor oil quality, guide rail and connecting rod lubrication only oil lubrication. You can choose 30 or oil air compressor. Molding press is very thin and there is a lot of dust, adding light to prevent dust flying up and down erosion. The material stamping is too wet, according to this phenomenon, the splicing products will be suspended or wear guide deformation, and the material will be repaired. In addition, the process control of material particle size distribution, fluidity and compressibility should be strengthened. The upper punching hole is not clean, resulting in the upper punching suspension punching, adhesive punching and upper guide rail wear. The upper punch should be cleaned so that the upper punch can slide freely. Lower guide wear: Lower guide wear across the bridge. It can be repaired with oil in light cases and replaced only in serious cases.


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