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Work content of blister packing machine

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Work content of blister packing machine

1. Turn on the main power switch, connect the compressed air and the cooling water.

2. Turn on the "heating" switch, and the host starts to heat.

3. check the batch number is correct, if the army will change the batch number.

4. When the heating temperature reaches the set value, press the "dot action" button to open the lower die.

5. Lift up the heating plate, open the "step clamping" button, pass the PVC through the molding mold and the clamping cylinder, and wear the PVC outside the body.

6. Put down the heating plate, press the "Start" button, adjust the rotation of the "host speed regulation", make the host run at a low speed. After the PVC is formed, go out about 3 meters, press the "stop" button to stop the host.

7. Obact the forming condition of the bubble cap, whether it is uniform and straight, and whether it is bent on the length of 3 meters.

8. Cut the end of the PVC with scissors, turn it 180 degrees and put the PVC into the platform, wrap the driving roller, and press the PVC tightly with the press roller.

9. Press the "Start" button to make the main engine run, and then make the PVC step 1.5 meters out, and press the "Stop" button to stop the main engine.

10. Put the PVC through the typing device, lift the stepping upper pressing plate before punching, and put the PVC into the punching device. Note that the stepping pushing plate before punching should be placed between the two blister plates.

11. Put down the stepping upper press plate before blanking, press the "Start" button, and observe the typing and blanking position.

12. Put the aluminum foil through the hot pressing roller, open the "heat sealing" button, press the "start" button, and observe the sealing effect.

13. Press the "stop" button to stop the main engine, add the material to the main hopper, open the "feed" knob to make the feeder work.

14. Press the "Start" button to start the normal production. In the production process, the speed can be slowly increased. The heating temperature and forming and sealing pressure should be properly increased when the speed is increased greatly.

15. Lubricate the transmission chain and the guide posts, guide sleeves and bearings regularly according to the lubrication diagram.

16.In case of emergency, press the "emergency stop" button to stop the main engine.

17. When the production is stopped, press the "stop" button to stop the main machine.

18. Clean the residual material in the feeder and clean the feeder and several main parts according to the cleaning procedure.


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