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Working station of capsule filling machine

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Working station of capsule filling machine

Waste capsule removal station. The function of this workstation is to discharge the poorly separated capsules from the workstation. The key here, technicians say, is to adjust the size of the negative pressure vacuum to ensure that the unseparated capsules can be fully removed without having to suck the capsules into the upper module. The vacuum capsule is too small to eliminate the waste capsule completely. Too much vacuum will absorb the cap, causing unnecessary waste and reducing the efficiency of finished products.

Capsule locking station. This workstation will fill the capsule into the capsule, the capsule cap is the important step of filling the capsule.

The most common problems in this station are: the coordination problem of capsule, mainly due to the poor alignment of upper and lower modules, the capsule is not on the same center line, resulting in the damage of capsule or capsule cap; Poor locking, including capsule head concave head, capsule damage, and eventually the capsule body and capsule cap separation. The main cause of head and capsule injury is the length of lock. The separation of capsule body and capsule cap is due to the fact that the capsule is too long to be locked, and the separation of capsule body cap occurs in the process of capsule transportation.

The technician suggests measuring the closing length of the capsule to ensure that the capsule is within the qualified range, so as to ensure the stable production and filling quality of the capsule filling machine.


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