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These articles are all highly relevant bubble cover machine. I believe this information can help you understand bubble cover machine's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Basic operation of bubble cover machine PVC hard, aluminum foil volume installation: unload the film reel on the compression nut and the retaining sleeve, the PVC hard or aluminum foil volume set in the adjustment sleeve, installed on the retaining sleeve and the compression nut and screw compression nut, so that the film volume on the adjustment sleeve can not be loose and rotation; Loosen the back cap and turn the adjusting nut to align the CENTER of the PVC roll with the center of the heat sealing roll (250mm away from the body). When installing, measure the inner part of the roll from the body 125mm with the steel ruler; Adjust the brake screw tightness, PVC tension adjustment in 0.5~1kg tension, and aluminum foil tension adjustment in 1~2kg tension. Placed PVC plastic belt, through the upper and lower heating plate mold to dividing feed roller and pressure roller, after being met the requirement of the temperature and pressure, press the start button, at this point, the device d


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  • Operation of vacuum pump of bubble cover machine Before normal operation, the inlet pipe valve should be closed, so that the pump in the limit pressure state of operation for 15 minutes, so that the water vapor in the gas can be effectively extracted. The motor should not be started frequently (less than 6 times/hour). (Note: the surface temperature of oil separator, pump body and pump cover will exceed 70℃ when the pump is in normal rotation, do not touch with hands; Pumps cannot be refueled while running.) Ultimate pressure measurement; The ultimate pressure should be directly measured by compression vacuum gauge at the suction port of the pump. Q pump should be used for the first time, used after long-term use, after changing the new oil, the air port should be closed for at least 1 hour after operation, so that the pump reaches the working temperature and the pump oil is fully degassed after the pressure is measured. Vacuum pump oil: The vacuum pump should use the vacuum pump oi


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  • Bubble cover machine forming method Molding is an important process of the whole packaging process, bubble cover molding methods can be divided into the following four. (1) blister forming (negative pressure forming). Vacuuming was used to suction the heated and softened film into the alveolar fossa of the forming pancreas into a certain geometric shape, so as to complete the formation of the alveolar fossa. Blister molding generally adopts roller mold, forming bubble cover size is small, simple shape, bubble cover stretching is not uniform, the top is thin. Blow molding (positive pressure molding). Compressed air is used to blow the heated and softened film into the bubble cover socket of the molding mold to form the bubble cover with the required geometric shape. The forming bubble cover wall thickness is relatively uniform, the shape is quite broad, can be formed with large size bubble cover. Blow molding is mostly used for plate molds. Punch auxiliary blow molding. With


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  • Blanking die adjustment of bubble cover machine Adjust the blanking die First adjust the punching box, so that the punching position is roughly accurate. When adjusting the die pressure, loosen the pressure plate screw first and adjust it left and right to ensure that the lower die is aligned with the plate position and the gap is uniform. After all molds are adjusted properly, empty operation can be carried out, and the bubble cover can be produced properly. After production, press the screen stop button to turn off the power, and then close the inlet valve and water inlet valve to end production.


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