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A list of these cleaning articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional cleaning, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Cleaning of aluminum-plastic packaging machine Automatic plate aluminum plastic packaging machine is qualified tablets, capsules for packaging of the main equipment. As it is in direct contact with the surface of the product, its cleaning procedure directly affects the quality of the product. Both before and after production to the aluminum packaging machine for thorough cleaning. After production, cut off the mechanical and electrical power source of aluminum plastic packaging, cut off the PVC and aluminum foil remaining on the machine, take them off and put them into the box for sealing. Wipe the powder and stain on the surface of PVC guide column, aluminum foil guide column, control panel, forming die surface, die hole, blow plate, cut, discharge port, traction template and so on with a clean wet cloth. Clean the powder and dirt on the upper and lower heating plates with a copper brush. Clean the brush, brush roller and four walls in the charging tank of the powder brush board


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  • Cleaning of capsule filling machine Fully automatic capsule filling is a new product independently developed by our factory based on the original technology and absorbing the advantages of similar international products. The machine has strong production capacity, accurate filling volume, good adaptability to drugs and hollow capsules, stable operation and high degree of automation. The machine has beautiful appearance, fine technology, convenient operation and easy to use. The defective capsules can be taken out automatically, and the drugs in the defective capsules can be recovered and reused, which increases the economic benefit. After automatic capsule filling, how to clean the automatic capsule filling machine? The following is a brief description of the cleaning method: 1) Detergent, disinfectant: drinking water, purified water, 75% ethanol. 2) Cleaning tools: cleaning cloth, vacuum cleaner, brush, basin, etc. 3) Cleaning frequency: after each batch of production;


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  • Cleaning of blister packaging machine The blister packaging machine must be operated by fixed personnel, familiar with the procedure of starting and making the blister. It can simply start the instrument and change the parameters. The mechanical instrument debugging personnel must pass the strict inspection, can grasp the instrument performance, the working procedure, the working mode, the working condition, the common fault detection and the processing; No one else is allowed to operate the touch screen to change parameters and so on. Carry out daily maintenance regularly to make the computer instrument panel inside and outside clean and dry; Check the terminals periodically for looseness. Keep the circuits and air lines clear. Basic cleaning includes: After the shutdown, the measurement parts should be cleaned in time, such as particulate matter, liquid liquid, solid packaging. For hot - sealed parts, wash frequently to ensure a clear seal texture. The photoelectric track


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  • Cleaning of the capsule filling machine The automatic capsule filling machine is used for packaging of capsules in various countries or imported, and it is an economical and practical packaging equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. Purification frequency: after each continuous production cycle; purification before and after production; cleaning must be done when changing varieties, specifications and batch numbers; after maintenance, the equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Cleaning supplies: non-snaking cloth, vacuum cleaner, brush, dishwasher, etc. Detergents and disinfectants: drinking water, purified water, 75% alcohol. Purification method: the sequence of disassembly, cleaning, zero first and then complete: 1) Purification at the production stage; 2) Remove the powder hopper, punch, and metering plate for washing, disinfect with a rag, and soak in 75% ethanol; 3) Some equipment directly related to medicines are dried with clean water and 75% ethanol; 4)


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  • Maintenance and cleaning of semi-automatic capsule filling machine​ 1. When the machine is in normal operation for a long time, the parts directly in contact with the powder should be cleaned regularly or according to the operation situation. When the drug type is changed or the downtime is long (generally more than three months), it must be thoroughly cleaned and detoxified. To work properly; 2. The transmission mechanism at the lower part of the machine frame panel should deal with oil pollution every 500 hours of operation, check the wear and tear, and confirm that there is no abnormal situation before adding lubricant to continue operation; 3. The filter of the vacuum system should be cleaned every 200 hours of operation; after 1500 hours of operation, the #100 vacuum pump oil must be replaced. 4. Lubrication of the machine (1) The joint bearings on the connecting rods on the lower part of the machine are filled with lubricating oil every 200 hours of operation; (over 90# oil


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