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The articles shown below are all about the features, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the features. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these features articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • Features of stretch film packing machine Stretch film vacuum packing machine has the following characteristics: 1. Wide applicability. Can pack solid, liquid, fragile and hard and soft materials, pallet packaging, blister packaging, packaging, soft film vacuum, hard film inflatable packaging. 2. High efficiency, saving labor cost, low packaging cost. All packaging except the filling area (some irregular goods) are completed by the machine. Loading can be done manually or mechanically. Some models can pack at a rate of more than 12 cycles per minute. 3. Compliance with hygiene. When mechanical loading is selected, one person is required to operate the equipment control panel (start up or set the program) in the whole packaging process, and no other manual operation is required. From bag/box production to packaging in one go, reduce transitional pollution. If choose the packing material that can be resistant to high temperature, high temperature sterilization still can be processed a


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  • Features of tablet press machine 1. The outer cover is fully enclosed, the material is stainless steel, and the internal table top is made of stainless steel, which can maintain the surface gloss and prevent cross-contamination, and conform to GMP. 2. With the transparent protective cover, the idle condition of mechanical operation can be clearly seen. And can be fully opened for easy cleaning and maintenance. 3. The speed is stepless speed regulation, which can be adjusted arbitrarily. 4. Realize electromechanical integration, using touch keys and display screen (speed, output, fault) and other displays. 5. The transmission system is sealed in the oil tank under the main body of the machine. It is a safe separated and independent part, which will not pollute each other. It also makes the transmission shaft infiltrate the oil pool to obtain sufficient lubrication and reduce noise and wear. 6. The mechanical dust collection device can absorb the flying dust in the pressing chamber


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  • Features of aluminum plastic aluminum ​blister packaging machine This model is a new technology product with packaging, testing, and scrapping functions specially developed for pharmaceutical, health care and food companies. The machine adopts PLC computer control, man-machine interface operation, and stepless frequency conversion speed regulation function. It has the characteristics of high automation, advanced technology, complete functions, and durability. This model is suitable for blister packaging of aluminum-plastic, aluminum-aluminum, and aluminum-plastic-aluminum, and meets national GMP requirements. The machine features are as follows: 1. The stroke can be adjusted, the chess set positioning slot is positioned, the mold is easy to replace, the contact type feeding, the positive pressure blow molding. 2. Automatic blanking, molds and automatic feeders can be designed according to customers' different materials. 3. You can choose devices such as tangent and indentation,


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  • Introduction and features of the packing machine This machine is suitable for the medicines of aluminum-plastic plate, round bottle, bottle of the opposite sex, food, school supplies, health care products, toys, cosmetics, auto supplies, toothpaste, paper towels, office supplies, hardware, household paper, poker and similar items such as box packaging, can automatically complete the manual folding, open cartons, boxes, printing batch number, seal boxes, etc. Features of the packing machine: 1. The machine adopts PLC control system, frequency conversion speed regulation, and the electrical components all adopt international famous brands. 2. Photoelectric monitoring of the action of each part, automatically remove unqualified items during operation, in case of any abnormality, it can automatically stop the machine and show the reason, so as to eliminate the fault in time. 3. Man-machine interface operating system is adopted, which is simple to operate and easy to maintain.


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