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These are related to the packaging news, in which you can learn about the updated information in packaging, to help you better understand and expand packaging market. Because the market for packaging is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Types and functions of packaging There are many kinds and varieties of articles, and the circulation conditions are also very different. Therefore, there are many kinds of packaging techniques, which are commonly used as follows (1) Moisture-proof packing Moisture-proof packaging is to use materials with a certain ability to isolate water vapor to seal the goods, isolate the impact of external humidity on the product, or add desiccant in the packaging container, in order to absorb the residual moisture in the package and the moisture permeated by the outside. (2) waterproof packaging Waterproof packaging is a kind of protective measures taken to prevent the deterioration and damage of contents caused by water intrusion into the packaging container. (3) rust proof packaging Anti-rust packaging is to prevent the corrosion of metal items in the packaging and take certain protective measures of packaging. (4) Mildew proof packaging Mildew proof packaging is a kind of protective me


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  • Classification and function of packaging According to the purpose of packaging, packaging can be divided into (sales packaging) and (transport packaging); According to the change of container shape, it can be divided into (hard packaging) and (soft packaging). What is packaging? What are the functions of packaging? In order to protect products in the process of circulation, convenient storage and transportation, promote sales, according to the overall name of the container, material and auxiliary used by certain technical methods, but also refers to the use of containers, materials and auxiliary in order to achieve the above purpose of applying certain technical methods in the process of operation activities. Packaging includes two meanings: one is the general name of packaging containers, materials and auxiliary things, and the other is the operation process of packaging articles. The main functions of packaging are; 1) Accommodate and protect the product; 2) Convenient storage an


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  • Blister packaging and blister packaging Although blister packaging and blister packaging belong to the same type of packaging, they have their own advantages and disadvantages due to slightly different packaging methods. Users can choose according to the actual situation: Common features of blister packaging and blister packaging: Generally speaking, the packing is transparent and almost all the goods can be seen. Through the substrate design, the packaging can be hung on display in shopping malls and retail stores. The shape of the substrate and fine printing can enhance the advertising effect of the product. Goods with complex shapes can also be packed. Can be packaged in groups. Generally speaking, the cost of packing is higher than that of other packing methods. Different features of blister packaging and blister packaging: 1. Packaging operation: Fit packaging is suitable for a variety of varieties and a small amount of production, no mold is needed. Blister packaging is


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  • Precautions for packaging and packaging of blister packaging equipment 1. The inspector must check the whole machine for sheet metal inspection for obvious scratches, corners, burrs, and polished wires that have not been treated in place; 2. Confirm the electrical configuration of the equipment, confirm whether the voltage of the equipment is consistent with the order form, and check whether the electrical box and line trachea are clean; 3. Confirm whether the information on the nameplate is correct, whether the pasting mark is in the correct position, and confirm whether the tool box accessories and the mold are complete; 4. Test machine, whether there is abnormal noise and noise when the machine is running, confirm whether the various stations work normally during the machine operation, whether there is obvious swing, and whether the work is normal when the material is running, whether there is jamming (15-40 multi-speed operation) , Check whether the sample tested by the mold is


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