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A list of these pressing machine articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional pressing machine, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • The characteristics of pressing machine punch table drive The counter is directly driven, with no friction of mechanical parts, no heat generation or component wear. Pressure is directly measured by gravity gravity sensor installed under the center of the pressure wheel, can withstand 10T pressure, its characteristics: Direct measurement, because installed under the center of the pressure wheel, the gravity sensor can avoid measurement errors, so it can avoid the wrong adjustment of the filling amount and cause uneven sheet weight phenomenon; Multi-point measurement for each punch to ensure the accurate identification of pressure; The replacement calibration is simple and can be completed directly by the operator in the field; Not affected by time and temperature, superior to strain gauge; Easy to verify.


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  • Die material for sheet pressing machine Die is an important supporting part of the press, the traditional press rod and die are made of steel. During the pressing process, friction will occur between the powder and the punch wall and the upper and lower punch rods, which will reduce the transmission of axial and radial forces of the powder and cause uneven distribution of pores and density in the powder. In serious cases, it will also lead to great changes in the weight of the powder, resulting in fragmentation, lamination, machine damage and other problems. And friction produces heat, which affects the stability of heat-sensitive drugs. The usual method is to apply lubricant to the die to reduce wear or to replace the punch rod. Most lubricants are hydrophobic substances, which can extend the disintegration time limit of the tablet and prevent water from entering the tablet, so the greater the dosage, the greater the influence. But the commonly used lubricant for magnesium stear


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  • A condition in which pressing machine is easy to occur Note: Please read the instructions carefully before using it for the first time, and then start using it. The machine can only work in a certain direction (see the arrow on the handwheel or machine cover) and cannot be reversed to avoid damaging the parts. Special care should be taken in adjusting the press to avoid negligence. Belt tension adjustment: it can be adjusted by two adjusting nuts on the motor bottom plate. Observe the locking condition after adjustment. When there is no power supply, the triangle belt can be removed by hand to reduce strength and wear. But do not remove the large pulley, as it has the effect of saving flywheel inertia. Electric pressure control should remove the handle of the rotating rod to avoid injury during operation. Whether manual or electric, the jacking rod should be in an ascending position before starting. If the starting situation falls within the upper thrust range, and the starting i


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  • How does pressing machine appear top car situation? Handling after loading If jacking occurs when the tablet press is pressed, the power should be turned off immediately to prevent engine combustion. When the loading condition is relatively light, the upper thrust force can be passed through neutral by hand wheel, but not reversed, to avoid repeated feeding by feeder, which will cause more serious situation. When the jacking is serious, loosen the lock nut, turn the impact lever to raise it to reduce pressure, and turn the handwheel to push the pill out. Then adjust the hardness of the tablet. In the press process, often check the quality of the press (weight, hardness, surface finish, etc.), timely adjustment. The mixing granulation process before pressing has great influence on the pressing process. For example, the formulation of the material (powder state, particle size, powder particle ratio, water content, etc.) directly affects the weight of the tablet. And oft


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  • Pressing machine needs to pay attention to the problem The working process of the press is to press the raw material into irregular or regular shape, of course, not all the press are in the shape of powder particles. Due to the particularity of powder particles, there are many points to be paid attention to in the process of processing. The machine needs a stable environment in the process of pressing powder granule raw materials to provide basic flat ground fixation under the most basic conditions. According to the process of the parts of the comparison, choose the appropriate type of mold. There is a certain relation between the size of mold and the granularity of raw material. As the stamping object of the whole pressing machine is powdery material, try to avoid mixing other types of waste. Dust has always been a domestic and most of the imported tablet press must pay attention to the problem, so dust pollution and removal is also a problem. The main products are g


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