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A list of these function articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional function, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • The function of aluminum bubble cover packing machine The aluminum-plastic bubble cover packaging machine requires medicinal PVC to be heated and softened by the heating plate before entering the molding mold, and the positive pressure molding is carried out by compressed air; Aluminum and aluminum need medical cold forming composite aluminum and its cold punch anastomosing stamping can be formed, through the universal feeder filling capsules or tablets. The aluminum foil coil is uncoiled and transported by the micro-motor. It enters the heat sealing die and the plastic sheet/cold forming composite aluminum containing the medicine for the pattern heat sealing. After the heat sealing, it goes through the indentation for the tangent indentation, hits the batch number, and then enters the blanking die for blanking. One machine multi-purpose function, aluminum aluminum, aluminum plastic can do products, only need to change the mold to use; Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation,


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  • The function of bubble cap machine 1.a machine with multi-function, aluminum aluminum, aluminum plastic can do products, only need to replace the mold with; 2. Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, blanking frequency 10-40 times /min; 3. Adjustable stroke, adjustable range, convenient adjustment and accurate synchronization; 4. the use of photoelectric eye automatic version; 5. the use of imported optical fiber reflective reflection detection of grain, identify the waste plate automatic proposed function; 6. Adopts plate mold, positive pressure forming, with batch number, indentation tangent, aluminum foil/cold forming composite aluminum/plastic automatic conveying, breaking, finishing, automatic stop alarm and other functions; 7. Equipped with a set of universal feeder, the filling rate can reach more than 99.5%, the feeder is equipped with dust suction interface, in order to eliminate the dust problem formed in the process of feeding; 8. Adopts the plate anastomosis h


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  • The function of stretch film vacuum packing machine The vacuum machine can be vacuum, inflatable, fit packaging in one; Using the original German Beck vacuum pump, Mitsubishi PLC, Taiwan made touch man-machine interface, configuration part of the quality is very good; Mainly applicable to all kinds of meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, medicine, hardware and various articles of vacuum packaging; Stretch film vacuum packaging machine is a vacuum machine with high cost performance. The environmental protection of vacuum packaging not only has high working efficiency, but also saves time and effort. It can help enterprises to develop better. Automatic stretch film vacuum packing machine is also known as automatic vacuum packing machine. The principle of this automatic vacuum packing machine is to use the forming mold, the film is heated first, and then the forming mold is rushed into the shape of the container, and then the packaging into the formed membrane cavi


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  • The function of blister packing machine The whole machine can be packed in separate parts to enter the 2.2m elevator and the segmented purification workshop. It is fixed by screws when it is combined and easy to assemble. The mould and guide rail are designed independently. Only the integral guide rail is needed to change the mould. The mould pressing plate is clamps, so it is very convenient to load and unload. The design of the suspended operation platform, the operator in the use of the process of safety and maintenance of the convenience of cleaning the machine, The modular design of the station structure realizes the digital display control during the adjustment of each station, which ADAPTS to the diversified demands of the indentation forms and ensures the clarity of the indentation and batch number. Equip with photoelectric compensation device, can carry out the printed aluminum foil picture and text matching. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regu


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  • Function of tablet press Single-pressure type, single-sided ejection. Using the IPT middle mold, granular raw materials can be pressed into round tablets and special-shaped tablets of various specifications. It has the function of pre-pressing and main-pressing twice to press, which can improve the quality of press. Using touch screen speed control device, easy to operate, safe and reliable. It adopts PLC programmer and has digital display function. If connected with USB port, it can realize data collection of tablet pressing working status. The main transmission structure is reasonable, the transmission stability is good, and the service life is long. Equipped with motor overload protection device, when the pressure is overloaded, it can automatically stop. There are pressure overpressure protection, emergency stop device, strong exhaust and heat dissipation device. The stainless steel outer casing is a fully enclosed form, and all the parts in contact with the medicine are


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  • The function and characteristics of automatic blister packaging machine The automatic blister packaging machine is suitable for pharmaceutical and food blister packaging in pharmaceutical factories, health care products factories and food factories. The machine adopts PLC system control, touch screen panel operation, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, and pneumatic joint control. It can complete aluminum-plastic, Blister packaging of aluminum-aluminum, paper-plastic products, easy to operate, suitable for packaging capsules, tablets, soft capsules, candy, medical equipment, jam, honey and other items. The machine features are as follows: It adopts servo motor traction, adjustable stroke, suitable for packaging of different size plates. The position of forming, heat sealing, batch number and punching can be adjusted arbitrarily, and debugging is simple and convenient. Automatic blanking, molds and automatic feeders can be designed according to customers' different mater


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