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These are related to the precautions news, in which you can learn about the updated information in precautions, to help you better understand and expand precautions market. Because the market for precautions is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Precautions for blister packaging machine The machine must be operated and repaired by professional personnel. Before operation, please read carefully this instruction to avoid any damage to human body and property caused during the use. The operation must be carried out in strict accordance with the use instruction and any operation violating the stipulations is forbidden. ​1.The ground wire must be connected into at the designated position by the grounding sign. 2.Lubrication must be added before the production. 3.During the operation of the machine, the operator shall pay attention to the operation status of each part of the machine, and is not permitted to leave his post. 4.Maintenance and cleaning must be carried out after the general power supply is cut off and the emergency stop switch is pressed. 5.After the machine starts, it is forbidden to put hands into the warning part so as to avoid being damaged or burnt by the high temperature. 6.Outside protection wire shoul


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  • ​Precautions for installation of automatic blister packaging machine 1. Do not fix the small blister packaging machine on the ground because there are rubber wheels at the bottom of the machineto move. 2. Train professionals to operate and maintain the machine. 3. Connect the ground wire according to the keyhole. 4. The machine should be kept clean. 5. Lubricating oil should be added to all parts of the machine. 6. Lubricating oil should be added to the wheel box before production. 7. Use oil-free air compressor. 8. The pressure of forming station, heat-sealing station and stamping parts should be controlled within a certain range, otherwise it will affect the service life of the machine.


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  • Precautions for packaging and packaging of blister packaging equipment 1. The inspector must check the whole machine for sheet metal inspection for obvious scratches, corners, burrs, and polished wires that have not been treated in place; 2. Confirm the electrical configuration of the equipment, confirm whether the voltage of the equipment is consistent with the order form, and check whether the electrical box and line trachea are clean; 3. Confirm whether the information on the nameplate is correct, whether the pasting mark is in the correct position, and confirm whether the tool box accessories and the mold are complete; 4. Test machine, whether there is abnormal noise and noise when the machine is running, confirm whether the various stations work normally during the machine operation, whether there is obvious swing, and whether the work is normal when the material is running, whether there is jamming (15-40 multi-speed operation) , Check whether the sample tested by the mold is


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  • Precautions for operation of semi-automatic capsule filling machine 1. Arrange professional full-time staff to operate and maintain. The operator must have the appropriate quality, the use of methods and strict compliance with safety regulations after a basic understanding of the operating instructions, and do routine maintenance work. 2. Please read the operating instructions carefully before using the device and pay attention to warning signs affixed to the machine. 3. Do not install the equipment in the heat, humidity, vibration, strong, easy to make a collision or flammable place. 4. Before using the device according to the machine ground signs indicating access to the ground. 5. To confirm the voltage of power supply must meet the specifications of the machine and kept within safe limits. 6. Keep the device electrical box door closed to prevent moisture or dust particles flying into the cause short circuit, and the timing of the electrical box in the dust to clean up (Must b


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  • Precautions for operation of capsule polishing machine Before power on, rotate the principal shaft of the motor with hand to check there is no phenomenon of seizing-up. Check every fastener to see whether it is tightened. Insert the power plug of the vacuum cleaner in the socket under the machine body; connect the hose of the cleaner and the cleaner starts working first. Then switch on the power, pour a small amount of medicine, and regulate the speed-regulating knob to change the rotational speed till the clean degree of the medicine surface reaches a satisfactory effect. The rotational speed is inversely proportional to the clean degree. In order to recover surplus medicinal powder, we suggest that the medicine should be sifted with a big mesh sifter before it is polished.


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